Tai Chi Chuan

History and Benefits

Tai Chi Chuan is one of the highest levels of martial art and health practice. Tai Chi Chuan translates to grand ultimate fist, referring to what the ancients thought of its benefits. With a history dating more than 1,500 years, tai chi ranks as one of the world's oldest documented martial arts.

Today you can find tai chi in a variety of forms, all named after the family from which they originated.  Originally tai chi chuan had no famliy labels.  Everyone did much the same form and practice.  Serious tai chi practitioners started with various meditation postures before ever learning any moving forms.  Moving forms were among the last aspect taught in tai chi.

Tai Chi Chuan is divided into several levels of training. The first level is done gently, slowly and softly. As you progress, it becomes more intense and vigorous. For the elderly and folk that are out of condition or recovering from ill health, Tai Chi Chuan is an excellent system for getting back into condition.

As Tai Chi is practiced slowly, softly and gently, it helps aid relaxation and so is excellent for those suffering with psychosomatic illnesses and hypertension and anyone who lives a stressed and busy lifestyle.